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FDA needs more science to approve GE Salmon

September 21, 2010

Good news: The FDA decided last night that they “do not yet have sufficient data to determine that a genetic modification that enables salmon to grow twice as quickly is safe for the affected fish or for consumers,” according to ABC News!

Unfortunately this is probably only a set back for Big Food. Since the creation of the FlavrSavr, the first commercially grown genetically modified tomato from California in the early ’90s (engineered to decompose slower after it was picked), the FDA has approved the genetic modification of milk, soy and corn, some of the biggest U.S. food industries.   And big companies are getting bigger; in fact the number of big mergers reported to U.S. antitrust regulators between 2003–2007 doubled to 2,201, according to the New York Times. The recession has slowed things down a bit, but mergers continue and will probably spike back up with a gaining economy. Big Food likes Big Profits, which points toward more genetic engineering for faster-growing, lower-maintenance plants and animals (you know, the stuff we call food).

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