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Biking For Sustainable Food!

September 29, 2010

Some of the beautiful countryside we rode through.

When it comes to supported bike rides, the one thing my various riding buddies will tell you I’ve complained the most about over the years is the food—YUCK! White flour breads, sugary peanut butter, breaded freezer chicken patties (with shredded iceberg lettuce), tons of packaged cookies and chips, string cheese . . . oh and some fruit(!!). There simply isn’t a whole lot of real, unprocessed, un-“fortified” foods at these rides’ rest stops, especially for someone who can’t eat dairy or gluten!

So, I was double excited about the ride we did this past Sunday—The  Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture’s annual Bike Fresh Bike Local ride—because it offers really good food for riders!  Anna, my husband, Daniel, and I hit the road in hopes of some tasty local and organic food, and, best of all, a chance to see where it was all coming from!

An old stone barn turned home!

The ride offers 25-, 50- and 75-mile routes through the countryside outside Philly. We chose the 50-mile route, and hoped for good weather (it was a perfect low-70s, overcast day). The ride took us past some cow-speckled pastures, trickling streams, scampering chipmunks and stone barns and houses built in the 18th century!

The pit stops in French Creek State Park and Springton Manor Farm offered the most healthy foods I’ve ever seen on a supported bike ride: home-baked breads, hand-made hummus, tons of fruit, almond and peanut butters and cookies!


We were challenged by long, steep hills (turns out this is PA, not Jersey!) and we were tired at the end. But the ride was spectacular and we got some local happy pork and other goodies at Victory Brew Pub upon our finish, including water right from the Brandywine River, which we biked along for much of the ride.

We hope you enjoy the makeshift documentation we attempted to collect on video. Turns out it’s difficult to film and bike at the same time—wind noise, falling off of bikes, dropping phones, all kinds of things can happen!

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