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Calling All Campers

November 6, 2010

Tioga County by man-friend Wesley Doremus

In early fall I took a weekend trip to a cabin in Tioga County.  A little planning helped the group eat “real” food for the majority of the weekend.  Real food for me is something the earth provided, something that hasn’t been separated and put back together with the hands of a machine and the mind of science.

So how did it turn out?  Not too shabby!

Day 1:  Breakfast—bagels and apples.  Lunch—burgers and veggie grillers  (I went for the veggie option—Kenny had a double burger!) with a veggie-loaded pasta salad on the side.  Dinner—grilled fish caught by my man-friend during his last trip to Alaska and veggie foil packs (see below).

Kenny's double burger - yikes! Photo by Wesley Doremus

Day 2:   Breakfast—French toast (ok, yes, it was white bread and I ate it!  But only for the local maple syrup!).  Lunch—basil-tomato wraps filled with lunch meat (optional!), veggies, garlic lovers hummus and sprouts.  Dinner—another great Alaskan fish meal with veggie-packed pasta salad.

Add healthy trail mix, fruit and granola as needed, skip the hot dogs, and voilà!

It didn’t take that much effort, keeping in mind what travels well (fruits like apples, oranges, pomegranates and avocados; and veggies like carrots, snap peas, snow peas and broccoli).

Campfire foil pack photo - thanks Hillary Beasley!

The veggie foil packs we made were  phenomenal and a must-have for camping whenever possible. In foil, wrap your favorite veggies diced or sliced—squash, peppers, mushrooms and potatoes are perfect—add butter and your favorite spices, twist the foil closed and put the packs onto fire coals (the red-hot portion of the fire at the base once the fire has burned a little while—don’t put them in the flames).  Foil packs typically take 10 minutes per side to cook if your veggies are cut to  .75 inches thick or smaller, up to 30 minutes total.  Check out for specific instructions.

Coming your way – a list of travel friendly foods!  Stay tuned!

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