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DeLaney Farm CSA: Food Tour Part II

November 26, 2010

DeLaney Community Farm is a 20 minute drive from downtown Denver.  The land is city property, and encompasses 3.5 acres, with 1.5 acres used for farming.  This was the second stop on the Denver Food Systems Tour, put together by the Food and Environment group of APHA.

The farms yield goes to the CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture.  Individuals or families have the option of investing in full or half shares, meaning, they would receive a full or half box of yield every week.  Full and half working shares were also available, where an individual could work on the farm for their share.   The total number of shares this past year was 175, with approximately 300 families reaping the benefits.  This CSA  program also works with WIC participants to encourage nutritious and sustainable food sources, as well as education through various events and workshops.

Though paused while we were touring, a refugee program will start again next year.  I didn’t catch the all the details during this group tour, but this CSA proved to be a powerful strive forward for sustainable food.

DeLaney Farm in November

The farm started as the DeLaney’s family farm about 100 years ago.  Eventually the land was granted to the city, with the sole purpose of growing food and providing open space.  Our tour guide, Heather, who works at DeLaney full time, made a statement that stuck with me… “It’s really a community”.

Search for a CSA in your area… click here!

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