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GrowHaus: Denver Food Tour Part III

November 29, 2010

The third and final stop on the Denver Food tour was the GrowHaus in Denver, Colorado.  The food tour, organized by the Food and Environment group of APHA (American Public Health Association), was a huge success, and the final stop was certainly a grand finale.

As the GrowHaus website states…

The GrowHaus is an indoor farm, marketplace and educational center in Denver’s Elyria-Swansea neighborhood. Our goal is to provide healthy, affordable food for the surrounding community and raise awareness about issues of food justice and sustainability.

Adam from the GrowHaus

When we arrived at the site, we were greeted by Adam Brock who helped create this young non-profit.  He described the center: it’s creation, current programs and future plans.  We walked around the exterior of the building to hear about the community and the mural that was painted on the west side of the building by Joshua Mays, an artist from Philadelphia (Philadelphia is known for its murals).

Part of the mural at the GrowHaus

Inside the greenhouse we were shown the current growing methods that are being perfected.  To align this project with the philosophies of permaculture, a small scale version of what is planned is being carried out to ensure it’s sustainability.  The plants are grown in water, soil, and even rocks.  Plants grown in water are not fed nutrients from a bottle, but, are sustained by the nutrients provided by the talipia living in the water that is being circulated through the plants’ roots.

Medicinal garden - a rented plot

The greenhouse was previously a superfund site, making it a prime location for aquaponics and other methods using bins rather than the ground.   Since the transition from superfund site to the GrowHaus, the community has been involved in every aspect, with an overarching goal of serving a community that truly is in need.  The GrowHaus can provide not only a place for food to grow, but for a community to grow and learn.

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