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Watercourse: Denver, Colorado

December 8, 2010

Bar Seating at Watercourse

Watercourse Restaurant, Denver, Colorado

November 2010

It was the best vegetarian restaurant that I have ever eaten at.  Hands. Down.

I walked in and was greeted by a relaxed, simple yet artsy atmosphere with the smell of brunch in the air. Immediately I noticed the décor and lighting- I hoped the food was as tasty.

A chalk board hung describing the daily special: Stuffed pepper filled with quinoa and lentils, topped with eggs or tofu, spinach, cilantro, pesto and parmesan, homefries on the side.  I knew it was a winner the moment I had read it.

The Fresh Hop from Great Divide Brewery paired well with the light earthy spice of the dish. The textures and flavors all worked together, and the surprise raspberries on the side made an excellent dessert.  The red pepper was blackened over one fourth of the skin, which I didn’t care for.  The tofu, which had a slight curry flavor to it, had the perfect consistency.  This dish was certainly a winner!

This meal was so good I went back and had a salad, quesadilla and Bhakti chai.  I sipped the coconut milk shake my mother had ordered and it was as perfect as you can get.

All in all, it was a delicious experience.  Great for brunch, lunch or dinner-  solo or with a group.  The menu was extensive and listed vegetarian standards and a variety of creative dishes.  If it had been just a few degrees warmer the outdoor tables would have been a people-watching worthy place to sit.

It made me fall in like with Denver all over again.

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