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Titillating Tid Bits on Bites

January 27, 2011

As I recently posted, I coordinated a nutrition talk given by Neva White from the Community Health Department at Thomas Jefferson University and Hospital.  She had  heaps of interesting facts and figures on creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Being the “list making” person that I am, here is a my top ten:

  1. Choosing fried meat over other methods of cooking usually adds around 100 calories.  Go grilled, go skinless, or go home.
  2. Kids don’t want to eat what you cooked?  “This is not a restaurant” is a good line to have on hand.
  3. Keep veggies around.  You (and those around you, such as your kids, should you have them) are more likely to eat vegetables if they are available.
  4. Cut up fruit and place them in ready-to-eat at-home or on-the-go bags.
  5. Eat to burn fat, not store it.  See The Plate Method post.
  6. Don’t skip meals.  Your body is tricked into thinking it is starving and will put the next meal into storage, as in fat storage.
  7. Soda can put pin holes in your bones (especially bad for women) among other issues.  This can lead to ostepenia or osteoporosis, where the bones become weak.
  8. By 2020 HALF OF THE POPULATION WILL HAVE DIABETES.  (Apologies for the caps, but this is a ridiculous statistic for a preventable, not to mention costly, health issue.)
  9. Explore the world of food—try something different.
  10. When asked how to manage diabetes, Neva exclaimed “You gotta get radical!”

Keeping a healthy weight and lifestyle is difficult.  It’s also easy to blame genetics for our health.  In some cases it’s an absolute truth, but, for the majority of cases, a colleague of Neva’s once noted:” Your genes load the gun, but your lifestyle pulls the trigger.”

For more information from Neva’s talks at KIPP check out Neva’s Back – A Mini Lesson in Diabetes and The Plate Method.


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