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Connecting to Philadelphia’s Food System Movement: Event Summary

April 4, 2011

Today I attended Connecting to Philadelphia’s Food System Movement at The College of Physicians of Philadelphia.  The event hosted a panel of speakers, several presentations and a question and answer period.  Five key points were summarized as the event ended, points that are crucial to the food system movement and public health as a whole.

  1. Philadelphians should be able to expect access to healthy food, and the default norm should be consumption of healthy food.
  2. Food cuts across all sectors, and touches everyone’s life – so we need to think about the matter holistically.
  3. We need to reach people where they are, give them real choices, and make healthy choices simple.
  4. Building community capacity is a key to building momentum and sustaining change – and you need to involve the community at the beginning, the middle and the end.
  5. Philadelphia is home to multiple program and policy initiatives that focus on increasing access to health foods.  We have a strong foundation for taking next steps – and it’s important for everyone in this field to talk to each other.

I’ll be sharing more about this event over the next week or two – stay tuned!

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