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Barbuzzo: Restaurant Review

April 15, 2011

My dear friend took me to Barbuzzo to celebrate my capstone presentation being finito, and she picked a perfect Mediterranean lunch spot.

The interior is warm and inviting, with a great amount of wood used in the design.

I noticed immediately that they had Victory beer on tap, a brewery from nearby Chester County.

Mushroom soup, salad and gourmet pizza were the selected items for consumption.  The soup was superb, with the delicate flavors in harmonious balance.  As we moved onto the salad one of us thought the tasty little white root vegetables were parsnips, the other turnips.  We asked the waiter and it turns out the tasty little suckers were parsnips, meaning that I was, ahem, right.  Parsnips are after all, one of my favorite vegetables.

Moving onto the main, the pizza was good.  Good. Meaty.  Though most options on the menu for lunch were meaty, this option was done well.

My friend noted that it was the perfect lunch spot because it was calm, whereas dinner can get a bit loud.  The space is long and narrow, with high ceilings, perfect to capture the noisy dinner crowd.  It simply depends on what you are looking for.

Oh!  I almost forgot.  The cava we cheers’ed to – perfecto!

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