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Ponder this before selling your gold

April 21, 2011

At $1505.50 per ounce, the price of gold is is very high right now, and while this post isn’t about food, it has parallels to similar mass food production problems.

Before selling your gold, take your friends’ and family’s demand for gold in the future into account.

Mining (and factory farming) in general is often devastating to natural environments, private and municipal infrastructure like ground water tables, and contributes to deforestation. Gold mining specifically promotes inhumane labor practices including child labor in developing countries. Similarly, in the U.S. where human rights are a fundamental part of our civil philosophy, it’s disappointing that we allow a system where migrant workers often take (and are sometimes tricked into) low-paying and hazardous farm or factory labor to the benefit of large companies.

If you or anyone you know might want gold jewelry in the future (or wants to try some sustainable meat), I’d keep it and pay to have it re-melted into whatever they want laer, so that you’re not contributing to demand.

Some box stores like Target and Costco have succumb to pressure and are going dirty-gold free ( but much commercial gold is still “dirty.”

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