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CSA at Jefferson – Get Info TODAY!

May 5, 2011

Today I will be hosting a booth in the 10th Street Gibbon Lobby at Jefferson University Hospital from 11-2 to answer questions and inform the community about a new program being offered at Jefferson  – a certified organic CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture.  Here are the basics:

Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative and Jefferson Hospital are teaming up to provide the Jefferson community with a 21 week CSA.  You pay up front and pick up your share every week.

The possible shares & costs include:

  • 21 week full share (7-12 seasonal vegetables each week including fruit when in season, based on a family of 4 ($588)
  • 21 week  half share with 4-9 seasonal vegetables ($357)
  • 20 week fruit share with 2-3 items ($180)
  • 10 biweekly deliveries over a period of 20 weeks Community Supported Medicine share with 2-3 fresh herbs or prepared product with information on the natural medicinal use ($150) (I can’t wait for this one!  It’s just AWESOME!)

Weekly Pick up
Location: Jefferson Farmers Market, 10th and Chestnut
Day/Time: Thursday, 11:30am – 3:00pm from June 6 to October 24, 2011

Share must be picked up at the designated location and time!

More Information
Visit –

Email me at or through the blog

*********************Click HERE to SIGN UP by May 15!****************************

Things to remember:
– The Jefferson prices are pro-rated, so only pay what is listed here!
– You must purchase a veggie share (either half or full) to purchase a fruit or herb share.

A CSA is a great option to consider!  For starters it gets you in the groove of eating locally and in season – with the pace of the climate you live in.  Second, you’ll be challenged to cook like you have never cooked before!  Lancaster Farm Fresh provides recipes for all the items you would see in your CSA.   When you break it down per week the veggie share is $28 a week,  $17 a week for the half veggie share, $9 a week for the fruit share, and $15 a week for the medicinal herb share.  Most people LOVE their tasty seasonal fruit and for nine bucks a week you’ll get your fair share!

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