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Why I Drink Honest Tea

May 21, 2011

Honest Tea caught my attention a few years ago by accident. I was thirsty and didn’t like the looks of all the other sweet drinks I already knew weren’t that great. So I grabbed Honest Tea to try it out, and because there wasn’t a lot of sugar in it. Well, as for flavor: near perfect! Every flavor I’ve tried is tasty like home-made sun tea with just a bit of sweet in it. But the reasons for supporting this brand go much, much further than the flavor. Here’s the run-down:

  1. It’s organic
  2. The tea is actually brewed from tea leaves
  3. The  tea leaves are grown sustainably and under a fair trade model
  4. The bottles were redesigned a few years ago to be thinner than standard beverage bottles, so that not as much plastic is used
  5. Their website makes obvious that their choices about sustainability are thoughtful and purposeful
  6. The company is local to me, in Bethesda, MD
  7. The tea is brewed locally too
  8. The guys who run the company get around by bike and choose green building materials for their work space
  9. The antioxidant value in the tea is right up there with home-brewed teas

Honest tea represents a business model based on truly comprehensive sustainable practices, one that bolsters local economy while making use of globalization without exploiting people or the planet. And it’s pretty darn healthy, too. It definitely lives up to its name! As you move through the hot days this summer, consider spending your $$ on a product that not only lives up to my picky (so says my husband) flavor standards, but benefits your health and planet to boot!

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