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Curry Chicken Stuffed Peppers

June 25, 2011


This also works as stuffed tomatoes, which is how I first ate this meal at the Secret Garden in Quito, Ecuador, a few years ago. Since then, it’s a monthly favorite of my husband and mine, and it’s simple! As always, I don’t have exact measurements, which keeps this recipe flexible. Create to your taste!

Grab up some red peppers. (Green peppers are more bitter than red ones.) FYI—At Iovines in Reading Terminal Market they go on sale for $149/lb several times a month! Iovines carries some of the freshest and affordable produce in the city and if you haven’t been, get there!

1) Make a cup of rice with coconut milk instead of water, and add two or three Tbs of curry powder (we love the stuff Mariposa Food Coop sells).

2) While that’s cooking, hollow out your peppers and put them in a deep pot.

3) Dice up some carrots and onions and saute in garlic and olive oil.

4) Dice up some chicken and throw that in too.

5) When the rice is almost done, mix your veggie/chicken mixture into the rice and stuff the peppers. Leave half an inch of space on the top, because the rice will need room to plump up a bit more.

6) Add and inch of water to the bottom of your pot, put a lid on it and simmer for about half an hour, until the peppers are tender and the rice is finished.

Note: I always have more rice mixture than I need to fill six or ten peppers so I usually finish cooking the rest of the mixture until the rice is done and eat it separately. Great for packing lunches!

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