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100% Pure Coconut Water

July 22, 2011

100% Pure Coconut Water, such as Vita Coco, is a great way to regain potassium when the temps are too hot to handle.  Coconut water provides more potassium than any other natural food, such as bananas or sweet potatoes.

Potassium is immensely important for your body to sustain its homeostasis, as it is an electrolyte.  Sports drinks, such as Gatorade, offer potassium, but it will cost you!  Sports drinks typically contain heaps of refined sugar, which do little good for your teeth, stomach, waist line and overall health.

Often coconut water is thought to have a high amount of fat, but it is the coconut milk that it is being confused with.  Price wise it is in line with sports drinks and made in a container that does less environmental harm than the typical sports drink bottle.

Give it an whirl!

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