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Food Preparation and Processing: determining what to eat

September 26, 2011

Healthy food can be quickly transformed into a health hindering food  just by the way it is prepared.  Starting with FRESH food is the first step.  The way to keep the most nutrients in the food so is to eat them raw followed by blanching and steaming.  These three are the top three ways to cook vegetables and keep the nutrients in them.  From top to bottom, here is a list from healthy to not so healthy:

  1. RAW!  Number one
  2. Blanch
  3. Steam
  4. Grill
  5. Bake
  6. Roast
  7. Fry.  This is not a healthy option. Period.

Let’s take broccoli for example.  If you decide to steam it, less is more.  The broccoli should be a little crunchy and NOT mushy (think high school cafeteria food).  You can always continue to cook the food if it is too raw for you – but you can’t un-cook it!

Purchasing a steamer is a great investment.  My man friend bought me an all in one rice cooker and steamer  – one of the best presents ever!

Check out this website for how long to steam different vegetables, and this website from the National Center for Home Food Preservation for instructions on blanching.

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