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Why Use Raw Honey?

January 13, 2012

While taking a trip to Fair Food Farmstand in the Reading Terminal Market I picked up some raw honey by Two Gander Farm.  I use their Spring honey in my tea and oatmeal – and I even try to ward off my craving for sweets by having a spoonful.  Now that I had purchased raw honey, I had to do a little research on how to use it and how it was different than pasteurized honey.

Why Raw Honey is Good For You

Raw, in this case, means that the honey has not been heated and quickly cooled, and it hasn’t been pasteurized.  This means that all of the enzymes and yeast that are active and aids in digestion and increase overall health, are not destroyed.  You won’t find raw honey in the grocery store – seek it out at your local farmers’ market or local food sources.

How to Eat Raw Honey

Due to the difference in process, raw honey is thicker and grittier in texture.  This makes raw honey an excellent candidate to spread!  Goodies such as apples, pears, cheese and breads pair perfectly with raw honey.

Want more information on raw honey?  Check out The Benefits of Honey website or The Worlds Healthiest Food website.


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