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Iced Chai Tea With Milk

July 30, 2012

Remember the last time you went to a coffee shop and ordered a chai tea latte with soy?  Do you remember the sinking feeling in your heart when they rang you up?  $4.83?!  For a SMALL, 3 minute cup of heaven?  If I had one a week that would be  over $250 a year.  One a day would be over $1,760 spent in year.

Here is a recipe for iced chai tea with milk, made by Jacqueline.  Note the size of the tea pot and pitcher – explore more or less milk and honey for the right taste for YOU!

  1. Brew the chai tea – boil water, place your favorite chai tea (teabags or loose leaf tea) in the boiling water and let steap until extra strong, about 15 minutes.
  2. Pour into a pitcher.
  3. Add honey (local if you have it!), about a tablespoon, more or less to taste.
  4. Add ice
  5. Add milk  – almond, soy, or whatever your choice milk product is.  About a cup, again, more or less to taste.

If you are in Philadelphia, Jacqueline recommends the chai tea from House of Tea at 4th and Bainbridge.

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