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Buying Local Through a Buying Club

December 17, 2012

Thomas Jefferson University and Hospital was just added as a Winter Harvest pick up site.  Winter Harvest is a buying club organized by Farm to City in Philadelphia that runs from December through April.  For the Jefferson community, this means that sustainable food options are available all year long: farmers’ market May to October, CSA from May through December, and the buying club from December through April.buying club winter veggies

As with most buying clubs, you go online, pick what you want to order, and pick it up at the designated place and time.  You only order what you want, when you want it – unlike a CSA.

For the Winter Harvest buying club there are over 500 items available – and they are ALL LOCAL!  Produce, eggs, meats, cheeses, yogurt, breads, soups, hummus, herbs and more!  The farm and method of growing is provided for every item.

So what are the benefits?

  • Your money stays in the local economy
  • You get local goods from farms with sustainable practices
  • You eat with the season, and gain an understanding of what it takes to get your food from farm to plate
  • Less shipping miles means less oil is used to get your food to you
  • Your money spent on food goes back to the farmer, not a corporation
  • The farmer can spend more time farming and less time finding avenues to sell his/her product
  • Point and click shopping online with a one stop delivery – it’s convenient!

Your dollar is a vote – every day, every season.  Buy local and sustainable when you can!

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