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Moderation Station: Girl Scout Cookie Desserts and Share the Love Happy Hour

February 6, 2013

Moderation (or bramacharya as some interpret it in the world of yoga) is key for a healthy diet.  One can eat healthy most of the time, but when you do have that occasional (daily is not occasional, let’s be honest here) dessert or drink, make it for a good cause this February!

If you haven’t noticed the boxes out and about recently, it is officially Girl Scout Cookie season!  After checking out the nutrition labels and ingredients, I think the Savannah Smiles are the healthiest choice.   With 140 calories, 5 grams of fat for 5 cookies,  this cookie can make the health conscious smile.  A few of the cookies had high fructose corn syrup in it, so watch out!  You can find information on each cookie here.

  • Local Philly tip:  Cake and the Beanstalk recently debuted Girl Scout Cookie desserts!  Last Friday it was Thin Mint Blondies – I wonder if this Friday will bring cheesecake with Thin Mint crust!?

Onto the alcohol… moderation, again, is key!  What exactly is one glass of wine?  Is it the pour you get in a fancy restaurant that seems like two sips, or a full glass you’ll get out at pub?  Check out the Fit For Food website or from this fellow WordPress blogger to get an idea of what moderation really means when it comes to alcohol.  Once you have that covered, attending a happy hour benefit can be a great way to support an organization and connect with like minded folks in your area.share the love

  • Local Philly tip:  If you like how the Girls Scouts introduce young women to camping and respecting the environment around them, check out the Share the Love happy hour on February 21, starting at 5 pm at City Tap House.  This happy hour supports Camp Sojourner, a girls leadership camp.

Enjoy… in moderation!

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