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Helpful Hints on Small Batch Canning via Marisa McClellan from Food In Jars!

August 23, 2013

The Charles Santore Branch of the Philadelphia Library hosted Marisa McClellan, blogger and author of Food in Jars, for a crash course on making apricot preserves.  And what a treat it was!  Learning about small batch preserves brought about a list of….

Helpful hints on small batch canning!apricot jam

  • Use a wide frying pan (low and wide so evaporation takes place – use a non reactive pan, aka non aluminum or non cast iron, stainless steel is best)
  • Use a 2:1 fruit to sugar ratio (if using honey, weigh the sugar, and use that weight of honey as honey is sweeter!)
  • Savory jams are better as fridge jams, unless you follow a recipe to the T – botulism is a bummer!
  • Start with clean jars – the actual sterilization process occurs during the boiling bath at the end of the process.  However, you do need the jars warm when you place the jam into them – this way the glass doesn’t get shocked, and break.
  • Store jars without the ring on it.  The ring is to keep the lid on during the final boiling process.
  • Add lemon zest (if the recipe doesn’t call for it ) or infuse with lavender, sage – get creative!
  • If you’re using less sugar, build flavor by adding spices (cardamom, ginger, etc.!)


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