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Raw Corn

September 6, 2012

My view of corn on the cob changed  once I was introduced to eating it raw.  It reminds me of how fresh and juicy a cucumber is.

My niece Chloe trying raw corn for the first time!

When eating raw corn it MUST BE FRESH!  I recommended within two days of picking.  The easiest way to find out is to buy it directly from the farmer at a road side stand or farmers’ market and ask the farmers when the corn was picked.

The corn can be eaten straight off the cob, or put into a salad.  Though I haven’t tried it, you can freeze it, and have it later as a corn-scicle.  It also works well in a salad – check out a recipe here!

Wondering about the nutritional content of raw corn?  Jana from Farm to City says “A single medium-sized ear of corn has 243 mg potassium (7% DV), 33 mg magnesium (8% DV), 12% DV thiamin, 2g fiber, and 3 whole grams of protein. Eat a couple of those babies with lunch and you’re good to go.”

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